Delivering Seafood Differently: South Australia’s Community Supported Fishery

Fair Fish is an alternative business model for the seafood industry in South Australia. By directly connecting fishers to consumers, Fair Fish aims to tell the stories of our fishers by offering a portal into their lives and work. We walk through the sustainability of our environment, the different types of fishing methods and pair our fish with recipes from some of Adelaide’s most exciting chefs and industry leaders.

We encourage all South Australians to avail themselves of the enormous health benefits associated with a diet rich in omega-3, by eating fish at least twice a week.

A Community Supported Fishery (‘CSF’) is a grass roots, alternative business model for local fishermen to sell their seafood. They allow direct sales to local consumers and provide a facility that encourages community engagement and food traceability. The model allows consumers to purchase a share of the day’s catch directly from local fishermen through an online platform so that they can enjoy the benefits of premium produce from their clean environment.

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