(Mytilus Galloprivincialis)

You simply can’t beat Australian blue mussels. Rich with a creamy texture and sweet flavour, they are the envy of mussel farmers around the world.

Eyre Peninsula Seafoods, call the pristine oceanic waters of Boston Bay home. Located off the West Coast of South Australia they harvest the highest quality native blue mussels all year round for their three premium mussel brands: Boston Bay Mussels, Kinkawooka Mussels and previously, Spencer Gulf Mussels.


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Sweet… firm… creamy… Eyre Peninsula Seafoods mussels have a fresh flavour and incredible texture.  In every packet they take you on a water to plate flavour journey.


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1kg ready to cook mussels, Cooked in the bag 650g Mussels, Mussel Hot Pot – Chowder, Mussel Hot Pot – Tom Yum, Mussel Hot Pot – Tomato Broth, Mussel Hot Pot – White wine & garlic


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