Burnt Butter Flounder – Andrew Douglas – Iberia


400-500g whole greenback flounder
100g Unsalted butter
30g Toasted macadamia nuts
80g ‘Something Wild’ beach succulents
10g Baby capers
2 Table spoons of chopped parsley
1 Lemon
Sea salt

Fish in the oven

Place whole fish on baking paper and tray
Preheat oven at 180 degrees
Cook at 180 degrees for 10-12 mins of until flesh begins to fall away from the frame

Fish on the BBQ

Use hot plate on medium with layer of baking paper and place fish to avoid sticking.
Cook for 10-12 mins with lid closed until cooked.

Burnt butter dressing

Heat a pan until very hot.
Add butter and stir until it start to turn a nut-brown and smell nutty.
Take off heat and add lemon juice. Be careful of spitting. (Tip: Place lid on at medium heat after adding lemon juice to avoid spitting.)
While hot, add all remaining ingredients and season to taste.
Pour over cooked fish

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