Louca Family simple Coopers Beer Battered King George Whiting & Chips



4 King George whiting fillets approximately 100g each. (Wings off and pinbone out)
375mL Coopers Pale Ale
375mL soda water
3 cups self raising flour
Two pinches of sea salt
Flour for dusting fish
Vegetable oil
Crunchy home made potato chips
Salad greens
Tartare sauce
Lemon wedges


In a stainless steel bowl add ice cold Coopers Pale Ale, soda water and 3 cups flour
Whisk until smooth consistency and season with a pinch or two of sea salt
Coat whiting fillets in flour and dip into batter taking away any excess by running through fingers so a light coating is achieved
Cook in vegetable oil at 175 degrees until golden in colour on both sides
Drain well in paper towel
Season with sea salt
Serve with crunchy home made chips, salad greens, tartare sauce and lemon wedges

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