Whole roasted nannygai with chilli and burnt lemon dressing and wakame oil – Max Sharrad – Shobosho


1× 600-700g Nanygai, gutted, gilled and scaled
200g long red chilies, stems removed
4 lemons
5 cloves of garlic
400mL grapeseed oil
400g dried Australian wakame or other dried seaweed
50mL dashi concentrate liquid
50mL Kyoto green onion oil
50mL yuzukosho infused vinegar
1 leek, julienned
3 wasabi leaves, julienned
salt to taste

To prepare the fish

Preheat oven to around 250°C. Start a small fire in a table top Hibachi Grill, big enough to sear the outside of your Nanygai. Brush the fish with some of the grapeseed oil, season with salt and allow to sit at room temperature until required.

To make the dressing

Blacken the outside of the lemons on the grill, but don’t overcook them otherwise they will lose their juice. Set aside. Blitz the chilies and garlic into a pulp and add to a saucepan. Cover with 200mL of the oil and allow to simmer for 25 minutes on a very low flame, stirring constantly. Set aside to cool. Juice lemons and add to the cooled chili mixture. It will start to emulsify after stirring. Season with dashi liquid, green onion oil, salt and yuzukosho vinegar. The ratios can be adjusted to your liking.

To make the wakame oil

Add the wakame and 200mL of the grapeseed oil into a blender and blitz on high for 6 minutes. Pass through muslin cloth to remove any sediment and set aside. Now that you have your components ready it is time to cook the fish. Cook the fish on very high heat until browned on one side. Flip and repeat.

The fish should not be cooked, but slightly charred and golden. Brush the fish with the chili dressing and roast in the oven until slightly under perfect. Remove and let the residual heat carry on the cooking for 2 minutes. Meanwhile dress the leek and wasabi leaf in a mixture of green onion oil, dashi liquid and yuzukosho vinegar. Dress the base of the plate with the chili dressing and split it with the wakame oil. Place the fish in the middle of the plate and finish with a tight bundle of the dressed leek and wasabi. Enjoy with a side of steamed rice.

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