Communities are becoming more conscious of ethical seafood choices. When you enjoy a variety of seasonal seafood produce, you are not only guaranteed freshness, you are also supporting your local producers and economy. By shortening the supply chain from “ocean to plate” you can also reduce your carbon footprint.

Fair Fish shares local fishers’ cultural knowledge of peak seasons for a variety of seafood varieties. In doing so, we are reviving the traditional food values of seasonal availability and provenance.

“Seasonal availability” – the times of year when a given type food is at its peak, either in terms of harvest or flavour. Historically, this is usually the time when fresh produce is cheapest and freshest to the market.

“Provenance” – from the French word provenir, meaning “to come from” was originally used for works of art. It is now used to indicate the origins of a wide range of products, including wine and food.

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